Christmas Gifts That Make A Difference!

I have so many things to write… so little time. As I’m tapping away on the keyboard, it is 12:37am.

With Christmas just around the corner, I thought that it would be expedient to do a post on Chrismas gifts.

This year I have felt challenged to depart from the usual materialistic binge spending over Christmas time, giving gifts to people who really don’t need or want what you give. It has been estimated that the average person spends somewhere in the region of $1500 Christmas buying gifts etc. Imagine how life changing this Christmas could be, if you and I decided to rather give that money to a worthy cause.

Tear Fund do a brilliant job helping to alleviate poverty whilst sharing the message of Christ. Gifts vary in price from $5 to $10 000. Click HERE to check out the various gift options.

Continuing along the alleviating poverty options, what about lending money to people through micro-financing? A few people from around the globe and I have pitched in together to help out Grace Mukamusoni of Rwanda (A 39 year old widow with 7 dependents). This was all made possible through Kiva. Check them out HERE. The brilliance behind micro-financing is that we are empowering people to help themselves get out of poverty and as an added bonus… you get your money back, which you can either keep or continue to loan out to people thus multiplying your influence!

My last suggestion, which I am personally going to be using for my gifts this year is Not For Sale. Not For Sale exists to end human trafficking and slavery of all forms. They have a gift card that will help build a new border outpost in Nepal which will not only employ 8 additional survivors, it will also prevent hundreds of their sisters from ever seeing the inside walls of a Mumbai brothel. If you’re interested in finding out more then click HERE.

So my personal challenge to you… get original this Christmas… and give gifts that truly do make a difference!


~ by clivesmit on 02/12/2009.

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